It’s Spring! What Can You Part With?

Spring is here and it’s time to clean out and have a fresh start. The biggest question is where to start? The answer? Bits and pieces. The fear of failing is coupled with taking on too large of an endeavor.

Before starting or moving forward we must realize that being organized is not in any way to trying to be perfect. There is an anonymous quote that says “It’s about progress, NOT perfection.”

It’s about making work, life and living easier; it’s about removing stress or feeling stressful. What will that progress feel like to you? Let’s explore.

The first suggestion is to find a spot to sort items, like the garage. Having a spot to sort will allow space to have tables/tubs for items that are going to be kept, but need to be moved and to another area, donations to be taken or picked up and what will be trash.


While organizing, you may find things that are not in the right place. The Christmas ornament that was found after Christmas was already put away and was left out. Mom’s linens that we will not keep boxed away, but instead start being used. These items may end up being discarded, but at least you will make a decision once that area of reorganizing is tackled.


The donation area will allow for neighbors, friends and family to come by to browse for items they may have a use for in their homes. Oh, you don’t want them to see you are getting rid of a gift they gave you? Well, it’s yours; they gave it to you. Easier said than done when feelings are being considered, however; think about how you would want them to handle with the situation reversed. If there is truly something they cannot use, would you be understanding? It can also be helpful to have a disclaimer to anyone invited over to browse the exiting treasures.

When making donations to a non-profit organization (Goodwill, Veterans groups, etc.) having the donation area will help to make a list for tax filing purposes. Most groups will give you a blank form for to fill in for yourself. You do not want to miss any tax deduction opportunities.


The last area you’ll need is for trash. The trash could be papers needing to be shredded, recycling, or just plain garbage. Most will probably be able to put into the trash bin for regular disposable. If anticipated that there may need to be a separately scheduled pick up for oversized items, it’s smart to wait and do it all at once. Many trash services have a limited number of free pick up days and it’s best of review their policy prior to beginning.

Getting Started:

When thinking about spring cleaning, avoid feeling overwhelmed by planning on tackling one closet/storage area at a time. Make a list to see exactly how big the ‘organizing’ will be.

It’s okay to start small. If the intent is to organize a closet, decide what that means. Is it the closet and reviewing what is in each box? Is it repacking to BPA free containers to keep chemicals from leeching on to what is stored? These answers will help to give you an idea as to how detailed or how long a sort will take. One of the biggest distractions is stopping to reminisce about what is stored or figuring out why it’s stored.

These are not bad situations or wrong, it is simply the reality of the process.

This is where OrgIt can assist you. We are here to help you tackle the process in organizing, minimizing and freeing up your spaces. Be it a home or office space, we will be diligent in supporting your vision and needs.

Having a hands-on partner to guide will help you by identifying where to begin, setting a timeline and helping you to complete the project.

Moving your home or office? Consider us for organizing your moving into a new space. We will assist with unpacking, documenting and photographing any damage as it’s unpacked from movers. How great will it be to have everything in it’s own place in your new space?

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